6 Fun Ways To Fight Boredom On Long Distance Travels

6 Fun Ways To Fight Boredom On Long Distance Travels - You might have wondered here because you're either waiting to reach your destination or planning ahead of time to beat the hell out of your boredom. Your planned destination might be fun and all but there's nothing entertaining while being stuck at an airport or station.

If you're a regular traveler in trains, buses or airplanes then you would get pretty bored. And to counter this boredom we come up with different strategies that makes us more efficient and ensure that we improve our mood rather than making it worse at the journey's end.
If you're travelling with a companion then this challenge might not be that hard and easier to to beat it but if you're a solo traveler then it is essential to find something to keep yourself occupied.

Even if you're a hardcore mobile user with different apps like Facebook, Instagram etc. there will be a time when you will be fed up of these and would prefer something constructive.
Here are some of the ways that will help you beat this boredom and lighten your mood.

1. Start or Catch Up On A Series or Movies.

Start or Catch up on a series or movies - Now there are two ways to pull this off. Either you stream the shows and movies from your favorite video streaming app like Netflix or Amazon Prime or you can download the the desired shows and movies and watch it later. Now the plus point of streaming apps is that even if you did not download it before hand then you can do it here. Upgrade your data plan to enjoy the comforts of home during the commute.

2. Maintain A Journal

Maintain a Journal A journal can be a very rewarding process. When you keeping a journal you can keep a record of your daily life and by doing this you can reflect on the memories, thoughts and process emotions. Write ideas that you can work on later, this will act as a memo or note. 

You will be really surprised on the effect it will create in your life. When you take your time writing it on your journey you will be a great help to free up some time for maintaining the journal.

3. Travel Playlist

Travel Playlist - Music has a important part in our lives and it can be a great pastime during the journey. It is great on road trips but it is equally effective in a plane or train journey.

Measure the time you are going to be on the trip and create a playlist on your phone or on YouTube. You can do it by selecting individual tracks and if you find an entire playlist of your favorite artist then you would won't even know how time flew. Now this can be applied to YouTube videos like if you're interested in conspiracy theories or scary videos then there are plenty of videos to follow up on. 

And not just creepy stories but also I'd you're in movie/TV show theories and any kind of review for music or movie that you want to planning to watch soon are also available on the platform.

 4. Books Are The Greatest Companion

Books are the greatest companion - This one is pretty old fashioned but hold on. Even if you are not a bookworm you might get lost in the pages of some great books. 

If reading is not your strong hand then grab a book that has been adapted into your favorite movie. I bet you'll be surprised to know the details and depth that had been missed in the movie. This will also give you a new perception to the world of cinema.
You can also grab a foreign language book that can be easily translated, this will help you learn a new language while having fun reading the book.

5. Online Gambling

Online Gambling - At some point of time we all had a bet with our family, friends or even in a casino. Well with technological advancements gambling has been brought closer to us.

If you're a fan of gambling, slot machines, poker tables etc. then online gambling will help fly your time. You can either use real or reel money to play. There won't be a great excitement of winning something big while playing for free but it is a lot of fun. There are some websites that will provide you free cash or coupons when you first start to play. There are also apps for this particular case.

6. Scrabble

Scrabble - Who doesn't love Scrabble (there are lot). This is a great time killer. You can built new friendship and pass your time. The only thing to keep in mind is there are not a lot of people that will accompany you in this game. So you better be prepared to be disappointed.

Try these on your next journey. Also how do you usually pass your time on trips? Comment down below and let us know!

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