5 Reasons Why Christopher Nolan Is The Greatest Director Of All Time

5 Reasons Why Christopher Nolan Is The Greatest Director Of All Time

5 Reasons Why Christopher Nolan Is The Greatest Director Of All Time- Christopher Nolan is undeniably one of the greatest (if not the greatest) directors of all time. Starting from superhero movie series and science fictions to magic and stories of war heroes, Nolan has put his hands onto almost every major kind of movie genres.

Although Nolan is an English director, he holds the citizenship of both Britain and the United States. One of the highest grossing directors of all time, Chris is one the most acclaimed and influential directors of the 21st century. His works include the Dark Knight Trilogy, Interstellar, Inception, Dunkirk, the prestige and more. So here we give you five reasons why we consider Christopher Nolan as the greatest director of all time.

1. Important first scenes

Most of the Nolan movies have a very important start to the movie. Some of them are in order to capture the audience’s attention from the very beginning as we find in the ‘The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises’. Whereas in some others the first scenes are very significant ones as in the ‘Interstellar’ ‘Inception’ and The Prestige. In Interstellar the dust falling from the bookshelf in the beginning eventually solves the mystery towards the end.  Similarly in prestige Cutter explains the audiences the concepts of magic that form the backbone of the movie.

2. Complicated plots but makes it look simple

Nolan’s science fictions movies usually have quite complicated plots that aren’t easy to understand. But Nolan makes the movies look quite simpler. For example we have Interstellar and Inception. When you think about it, they are quite complicated. But the way it has been presented makes us feel like ‘hey, its actually possible’!  The way he winds up the dreams at the end with the first scene is fabulously amazing and you feel like ‘oh! This was it? Now I get it.’

3. Highly artistic and entertaining at the same time

It’s a regular belief that artistic movies like The Arrival usually don’t end up as box office hits, whereas entertaining movies like the Harry Potter series and Marvel movies become box office hits. But Nolan has a different approach. He creates movies that are quite artistic yet entertaining at the same time. We can find these traits in the Dark Knight, where of course Ledger’s quality performance helped a lot to the artistic factor. So in a way he pleases both kinds of audiences.

4. He keeps you thinking even after the movie

The best part of Nolan’s movies are the way they end. At times you feel happy as in the Dark Knight Rises whereas at other times you feel satisfied with yourself as you feel like you have finally understood something that you had difficulty with, as in Inception and Interstellar. Whereas there are some others (the best ones) in which you keep on thinking, even long after the movie is over. For example we all still wonder what the last line in the movie The Prestige meant.

5. Consistent, and has earned people’s trust

Christopher Nolan is perhaps the most consistent director in the history of the industry. Although one of the highest grossing directors of all time, Nolan still uses traditional techniques for filming his movies. He took the filming of Dunkirk to completely another level. In the process he has earned people’s trust. Now if you know a Nolan movie is coming you have no doubt it is exceptionally good.   Plus there is an additional reason. Most of his cast are same. This includes Christian Bale, Michael Caine , Tom Hardy and more. This makes you feel familiar with the movie. These are the reasons why we think Christopher Nolan is one the greatest directors of all time. And he is perhaps the only visionary in the industry. No doubt we all love his movies so much.  

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