6 Best Exercises That Burn Fat Quickly

6 Best Exercises That Burn Fat Quickly - Just like breathing is important to continue one's life so as the sports and health. For sure, playing sports is generally a fantastic way to improve one's health and fitness. But nowadays, there is a growing distraction and that is cell phones and video games. With all these distractions people are unable to see the great disadvantage and misfortune that they are inviting to their lives. Well, the topic is about the sports that will help out to burn calories from human bodies easily but with all these growing fantasies and attractions people have almost forgotten about their health and are heading towards obesity and many more diseases. Still out of the whole population the world, there are some groups and communities concentrating more on health and fitness and they are trying to spread their message of remaining fit. People of these communities have two fold mission and are engraved in one quote i.e. "TO ENJOY THE GLOW OF GOOD HEALTH ONE MUST EXERCISE"

Most sports are start and stop in nature. They may require considerable effort to play, but in general they will not burn as many calories as a continuous exercise such as running or cycling, as long as these are done at a vigorous effort.

Here are some of the shortlisted sports that help in weight loss to the effective level :-

1. Basketball

Basketball may not be the most efficient tool for weight loss but it can be one of the most effective. With enough effort basketball can easily help to shed fat. The purpose of any exercise is to burn more calories than one consumes. An effective weight loss plan can be helpful for many people who suffer from excess weight gain. According to Harvard Health Publications, a 155-lb.

6 Best Exercises That Burn Fat Quickly

person can burn about 298 calories in 30 minutes of playing basketball. However, a person with a higher body weight will expend more energy, so body weight and calorie expenditure are correlated: a 185-lb. individual will burn about 355 calories in 30 minutes. A continuous effort will be the pillar of any weight loss procedure. If there is a purpose then their is a way and for any work both the things are required.

2. Table tennis

Table tennis is popular in the world with one good reason and that is it offers good cardiovascular exercise and and many health benefits to the players of different ages and fitness levels. It is the most addictive and enjoyable sport to loose weight effectively with fun and without any mental and physical pressure. The risk of injury is very low in this game because one uses a small paddle and a ball.

6 Best Exercises That Burn Fat Quickly

 It improves social bonding between the individuals belonging to different kinds of age group. According to a survey, a high-speed game of table tennis can burn 270 calories in a 150 pound person and improve one's concentration and reflexes. It also helps cardiovascular system to improve one's overall fitness level.

3. Swimming

Swimming is regarded as one of the cardiovascular exercise effective for weight loss. Whether a person losses weight or gains weight it depends on the punctuality and efforts that one puts in the exercise or the workout criteria. Swimming is one of the easiest way of losing weight because in this type of exercise one learns to be a good swimmer and also one becomes able to loose weight by having fun.

6 Best Exercises That Burn Fat Quickly

It's like a blend of fun and weight loss! According to the American Council on Exercise, swimming is among the most efficient types of workouts for burning calories. A person weighing 140 pounds will burn about 9 calories every minute he swims at a moderate pace. A 160-pound person will burn about 10.3 calories per minute and a 180-pound person will burn about 11.6 calories every minute.

4. Running

Running is one of the best physical activities you can do to lose weight. Once you achieve your weight-loss goal, keep running. That will help you keep the pounds from returning. Running may be obstructed by weather changes but one must not become lazy to start once again running.

6 Best Exercises That Burn Fat Quickly

Running strengths one's metabolism and also makes people feel active throughout the day. Here is a estimated data regarding the running exercise:
If you run 5 mph, you will burn about 581 calories an hour, or about 116 calories per mile. Running at 8 mph, you'll burn 122.5 calories per mile.

5. Zumba

Zumba gives you a calorie-burning cardiovascular workout in the atmosphere of a dance party. The emphasis on having fun can help you stick with this workout even if you usually dislike exercise.Zumba has the potential to burn a lot of calories compared to other aerobics classes

6 Best Exercises That Burn Fat Quickly

In a study by the American Council on Exercise, researchers found that the 19 healthy female participants burned an average of 9.5 calories per minute of Zumba. Compared to kickboxing, step aerobics and power yoga, Zumba burned the most calories per minute.

6. Cycling

Cycling-Due to the nature of the activity, cycling burns calories. Instead it is much more likely that your thighs, bum and waist will all slim down and tone up, making cycling a great exercise for those wanting to help their weight loss.

6 Best Exercises That Burn Fat Quickly

Cycling is very environment friendly and helps to reduce the pollution content in the environment by not using of petroleum products. Depending on your weight and exertion level cycling will help you lose weight by burning off between 75-670 extra calories in a half-hour session.

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