Top 11 Scary Canadian Urban Legends

Urban legends are more common that you think they are. Every country has their own urban legends and it might just be straight up bone chilling. Today we are going to talk about Canada. Canada is the second largest country in the world. So, it has a lot of land with very interesting history and lots of mysterious and creepy stories. From the cities and towns that touch the American border to the froze wastelands that hug the Artic, Canada has delivered many stories and some of these stories is very scary. So get prepared to be scary because the following is the top 11 scary Canadian urban legends.

11. The UFO base

The Ufo Base - What's a list of top scary stories without the mention of Aliens, right? Well here is an urban legend based on these extraterrestrials. This is a more recent story that you think. In 2017, media outlets started reporting strange lights drifting above the Lake Ontario in Toronto. Soon enough people were convinced that an alien base was parked right below the lake. Conspiracy theorists believe that there is a UFO (unidentified flying object) 

The UFO base

base that is causing the light orbs floating around and move towards a common direction i.e., a local power plant. The story gathered so much attention that the government had to address it. They claimed that the Canadian armed forces were conducting a training operation. This might the reason for the strange "visual phenomenon" occurring. Maybe is just a coincidence or perhaps there is something really twisted truth about the story rather the conspiracy theorists now are more certain about the base after the government's statement.

10. Cabbage Town Tunnel Monster

Cabbage Town Tunnel Monster - In August of the year 1978, Ernest a resident of the town had quite the run with a creature in Toronto that you would never like to experience yourself. He and his wife were raising kittens but one of them went missing. He was finding the kitten when he came across a cave where he saw and stated as "a living nightmare that I would never forget". He described the creature as long, thin, similar features as a monkey, around 3 feet long and had large teeth. He also said it was slate grey fur and weighed around 30 pounds. He added that the creature's eyes were a combination of red and orange and were slanted. This stood out the most.

Cabbage Town Tunnel Monster

Ernest stated to the reporters that before he could process what he saw the creature spoke and said him "go away, go away" in some sort of hissing voice. And as soon the creature said that he scampered into the long tunnels. Ernest was scared and shaking with fear so he took off as fast as he could.  He never wanted to approach the media because he thought people will think him as "crazy" or "drunk". The story reached the media when people started in unveiling it to the local newspaper. Ernest agreed to talk to the reporters only if his last name was hidden. Ever since the incident occurred people have reported seeing the creature lurking its way in the shadows of the sewer tunnels.

9. Creesie

Creesie - Legend says that there is a mysterious creature living the waters of the lake Cresent in Newfoundland and Labrador. The stories regarding Creesie dates long back to the Native Canadian legends. Creesie is referred as the "pond devil" or "swimming demon". European settlers from the early 20th century also claimed to see this creature. Since then, a lot of people have reported seeing Creesie. There are also claims that it must have been of at least 15 feet long.

8. The Witch Hunter

Witch Hunter - At number eight spot is a story about a doctor who was terrified of witches. John Troyer, was born into an Amish family in America later he relocated to Ontario. 

Top 11 Scary Canadian Urban Legends

The legend goes something like, John used to stalk witches own them to their den and then set up traps to catch them. He also used to take the witch's broomsticks for his personal transport. There is no evidence about the broomsticks stealing or the witches’ but there is certain physical evidence on the traps that Troyer laid. The traps were essentially human sized bear traps.

7. Dungarvon Whopper

Dungarvon Whopper - The story dates back to the late 19th century. It is a famous ghost story of New Brunswick.
Top 11 Scary Canadian Urban Legends
The legend says that Ryan, a young Irish cook used to work in a lumberjack camp. One day when the other lumberjack was out, the boss killed Ryan. When they returned, the boss told them that Ryan suddenly feel sick and died. They hurried the body of Ryan at some distance from the camp. However, a loud whooping sound didn't let the lumberjacks sleep. The sound got so loud that they had to flee the camp. The lumberjacks were confirmed that it was produced by the ghost of Ryan seeking vengeance. To this day, people claim to hear that whooping sound and believe that Ryan still haunts the camp waiting for his vengeance on the living.

6. The Treasure Island

Treasure Island - According to this legend, there is a treasure hidden in the Oak Island of Nova Scotia. The story dates back to the 19th century and people believe that the treasure contains the jewels of Mari Antoinette and the lost manuscripts of Shakespeare. 

Top 11 Scary Canadian Urban Legends

A number of people have lost their lives for this hidden treasure. The legend first started when a large man-made pit was discovered. It is believed that the pit is more than 200 feet and is set with bobby traps. These traps have taken the lives of a number of explorers. There are also channels that lead up to the beach which is 500ft away. The treasure hunters are certain that this was built to hide treasure hundreds of years ago.

5. Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse - This is the oldest lighthouse on the Great Like and the second oldest in whole Canada. It was built in the year 1808 to guide the ships to Toronto which was back then a sandy peninsula. It was decommissioned in the year 1958. And as always, if the stuff is old there are secrets to it as well and the same happens with the lighthouse. 

Top 11 Scary Canadian Urban Legends

The first keeper of the lighthouse J.P.Rademuller. He was a German immigrant to Upper Canada. He kept watch for the enemy and friendly vessels returning home. He was commissioned during a war but unfortunately he didn't live long enough to see its end. He disappeared under mysterious circumstances on January 2 in the year 1815. According to the legend he was killed by two soldiers who were enjoying Rademullers home-brewed beer. The killers mutilated the body and buried in a few graves near the lighthouse. It is believed that the lack of justice as well as the brutal death made Rademuller turn into a ghost. Now it is similar to usual ghost stories but the click on this one is that a former lighthouse keeper claimed to have digged a coffin and within the coffin was a single human jawbone.

4. The Soldiers Tower

The Soldier Tower - This particular legend is from the University of Toronto. The tower is a part of Hart House and a memorial to the fallen Canadian soldiers of World War I. The tower is one of the scary building of the almost 200 year old establishment. The spooky part is one top the bell tower. Legend has it that a worker was up polishing the bell in the 1930's. 

Top 11 Scary Canadian Urban Legends

However in an unfortunate turn of events he slipped and fell to his death right on the sidewalk directly below the tower. People claim that the ghost of this man repeats this tragic accident over and over. The most disturbing part of the story is that witnesses claim that they have actually seen the apparition conduct this incident of falling to his death and appears to have actual human flesh and blood before disappearing into the ground.

3. Ogopogo

Ogopogo - The legend is from Lake Okanagan in British Columbia. Ogopogo is a creature in the lake and people say that it is the Canadian cousin of Scotland's Loch Ness Monster. There have been over twelve hundred sightings of this monster. 

Top 11 Scary Canadian Urban Legends

The native Americans simply referred it as Naitaka or "Lake demon" or "Lake devil". According to the natives they had to distract the creature by throwing a small animal into the water before crossing the lake. There are a lot of descriptions about the creature but some say that it has the head of a frog and the back of a dinosaur.

2. Sasquatch

Sasquatch-This here is said to be a large ape like creature residing primarily in the forest of British Columbiato Northern California. It is regarded as a cryptid. Cryptids are creatures that are assumed to be extinct but have not yet been confirmed. It looks similar to an Asian Yeti or the Himalayan Snowman. It is a bipedal creature with a height of 2.75mtrs and a weight of about 360kg. It has dark long hair and leave with large 50cm footprints. That evidence forms a base about it's existence. The sighting also date back to 1884 there was an article about capturing a half man and half beast like creature near Yale, British Columbia in Victoria's British colonist. It was nicknamed as "Jacko" and was described as "something of a gorilla type" that resembled a human being covered with thick, long and glossy black hair.


The creature was found unconscious on the railway tracks and when awoke, it was chased away by a group of men. Since then evidences has been gathered like fur and tracks or firsthand experiences which are not enough for any kind of scientific research but enough to keep the legend alive.

1. Lady in Red

Lady In Red - And now we are at the top. This legend is about the haunting of Lower Bay Subway Station in Toronto. Many people claim that the station is haunted and more specifically by the lady in red. People say that she has black hole for eyes and she has no legs as she floats her way on the subway tracks. The subway workers also claim to have seen the red lady. Some have said that the they have experienced unusual cold crafts blowing in some area of the tracks. It is physically impossible because there can't be any drafts in an underground subway.  Now the "Lady in red" is believed to be a woman who threw herself or pushed into the tracks when a train came by.

Subway staff believe that her came to reside in the old pump room of the subway station and haunts the tracks. Also it is said that the station was built by removing a graveyard known as "Potter's Field" for poor and social outcasts. When the station was under-construction the graveyard was shifted to Necropolis cemetery. Maybe the body of lady in red was moved but her legs were stuck and thus she is searching of her body by haunting the station. Well, despite so many stories there is no report of claim of any actual contact with the Lady in Red.

So there it is top 11 Canadian urban legends. Let us know if you want more like these. Did you ever have an encounter with any supernatural power? If yes then comment down below and let us know!

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