8 Cancelled Superhero Movies We'll Never See

8 Cancelled Superhero Movies We Never See In The FutureThe genre of superheroes has flourished faster than any other genres. The concept of superheroes caught up to almost all the ages. And turning the comics into movies, well it's impossible to resist them and turn down the chance to see the characters in action. The genre has gained great popularity in the past decade.Marvel and DC are the two major part of this genre. They have given us some really awesome movies but with the success of the studios not only the existing ones are expensive but it is hard for them to choose which next superhero will be the one to be adapted on the big screen. There are plenty of comics from which characters are yet to be featured in the big screen or even the small one. If you think there are enough superhero movies in Hollywood then you will be surprised to know that there are some superheroes that will never see the light of the day.

So here are 8 superhero movies that were cancelled.

8. X-Men Origins: Magneto

8 Cancelled Superhero Movies We'll Never See

The epic movie of X-Men Origins: Wolverine had made a special place in the hearts of people. In the movie we get to know about the history of Erik Lehnsherr. But before the wolverine standalone movie it was decided that X-Men Origins: Magneto will be the one that will portray the younger life of Erik. From the beginning of how he survived the reign of Nazis to taking revenge and hunting down the ones that tortured and tormented his family. It would have told about the early friendship of Erik and Charles and the evolution into Magneto.
The movie had cast Sir Ian McKellen and was supposed to use a de-aging CGI to make him look younger. The expensive CGI and the 2008 Writer's Guild Strike, possibly led the movie's development to its demise but the story was re-written and adapted in X-Men: First Class.

 7. Batman: Year one

8 Cancelled Superhero Movies We'll Never See

The movie was supposed to be directed by Darren Aronofsky and written by famous comic book legend Frank Miller.  He planned on making the caped crusader a dark, mean and cynical character. It was nowhere close to the traditional batman. The film was going to reboot Batman with some of the major alterations to the character and his mythology.
Bruce Wayne was going to be a homeless kid who has never traveled the world. He develops a friendship with an auto-mechanic named Al. He would make and supply the batmobile to Bruce and the batcave would have been an old subway tunnel. Catwoman would have been a dominatrix prostitute. Commissioner Gordon would have been a man on the edge of suicide. The suit of Batman would have been just a cape and a hockey mask before upgrading it to the one we recognize. How does it sound good to you?

 6. The Amazing Spider-Man 3

8 Cancelled Superhero Movies We'll Never See

Before the failure of The Amazing Spiderman franchise, a third installment was planned. At the end of TASM, Sony desperately tried to create a cinematic universe of it's own, with teasers of sequel movies, spinoffs and new characters that probably never appear on the big screen. The third installment was rumored to give an entry to all the villains of Sinister six, a venom story arc, the return of Norman Osborn played by Chris Cooper, the return of Richard Parker (Peter's father) and the return of MJ portrayed by Shailene Woodley.
The details on the story are limited. The story was going to be based on Peter's blood and focus on reviving his dead loved ones. Emma stone would've reappeared as a Gwen Stacy clone and Dennis Leary was going to return as Captain Stacy.
After the downfall of the franchise Sony collaborated with Marvel Studios to produce Spiderman: Homecoming. And projects of TASM were shelved out except Venom.

5.  Other Batman vs Superman

Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman was one of the greatest addition to the DC cinematic universe. The movie was released I. 2016 but the concept was scripted all the way back in 2002 by Akiva Goldsman titled "Batman vs Superman".
The story of Akiva was mostly similar to Synder but it had a greater emphasis on the rivalry between the two superheroes. In the movie retired Batman would have been seen grieving the loss of his loved ones-Alfred, Dick, Gordon and others and on the other hand Superman would be dealing with his recent divorce with Lois Lane. Les Luthor would've turned both against each other with the involvement of Joker and made up love interest of Bruce Wayne. In the end Clark and Bruce would come together and defeat Lex Luthor as they do.
This was cancelled by Warner Bros. because they decided to focus on the solo movies of the characters before doing a crossover.

4. The Sinister six

This one was going to be sequel and spinoff hybrid of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The movie was supposed to released before the third installment. There is not much about this film except an Easter egg at the end credits of TASM2. A secret teaser was hidden at the end credits. If someone uses Shazam smartphone app(not related to Shazam movie) during the credits, the viewers would get to see quick glimpses of the Gillian's featured in The Sinister Six project over Alicia Keys song.
Since Sony has merged with MCU it's safe to say there would never be another installment in TASM but there is possibility of the Sinister six even more with the upcoming Spiderman: Far from Home.

 3. James Cameron's Spider man

8 Cancelled Superhero Movies We'll Never See

James Cameron the director who gave us the epic movie Avatar and is on his way to bring revolution to the cinema world with his new invention and upcoming sequels of Avatar has almost directed a Spiderman movie. After the Raimi trilogy, Cameron was supposed to direct a movie with a Spidey from mid-90s. It had multiple different scripts and Cameron personally contributed to it.  
The movie took too much privilege on changing the character's history, names, characterization and origin stories of heroes as well as the villains. Arnold Schwarzenegger was rumored to play Doc Ock in of the scripts. Another script had altered versions Sandman and Electro making their appearances. And most importantly Spidey was rumoured to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio.
The movie was going to be R-Rated with lots of profanity and a sex scene of Peter with MJ on top of a bridge. How do you think the movie had done?

 2. Justice league: Mortal

8 Cancelled Superhero Movies We'll Never See

George Miller, the director of the Mad Max movies, oh man I wish he would've directed the Justice league. He was a crazy comic book fan and this made him more interested in this particular project. But that didn't last long as the production. Back in 2009 if he had directed the movie, with his knowledge and dexterity of action sequences, would've been to the greatest movie and the situation of DC universe would've have been a lot, lot different.
JL: Mortal featured the lineup from the Justice League animated series. The movie was going to include characters like Wally West, Aquaman, Talia al Ghul and Maxwell Lord as villains. The cast featured Armie Hammer as Batman, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, Anton Yelchin as the Flash, Common as Green Lantern, D.J. Cotrona as Superman, and Hugh Keays-Burne as Martian Manhunter. The sequel of the movie was also planned in which the League would have fought Starro the Conqueror. There was lot of potential in it even if it was not surrounded by any cinematic universe.

1. Neil Gaiman and Guillermo del Toro's Doctor Strange

8 Cancelled Superhero Movies We'll Never See

While 2016's Doctor Strange was the perfect movie for Marvel, there might have been another version in which Neil Gaiman, writer of many famous books like Stardust and Guillermo del Toro director of his brainchild Pacific Rim and Shape of Water and many other, both excellent at works in fantasy/sci-fi would have created the Sorcerer Supreme. Doesn't it sound like a perfect combination with their dark taste in stuff?
 There was quite an excitement between the two but Marvel refused the idea. Neil was open about his idea on twitter but Guillermo claimed that it was just a passing conversation between the two.
It had to be at the top because c'mon those two would've made a brilliant team and hopefully they come together for other projects in future.

I did my crying, now it's your turn.
What cancelled movies did we miss out on? Are there any movies that you would have loved to watch? Comment down below and let us know!

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