9 Anime Series You Need To Watch

9 Anime Series You Need To Watch-We all know and love anime. But for those who don't know about it, anime is basically Japanese animated cartoon though most of the anime lovers would kill me for saying it cartoon but it is what it is. Now Anime are an animated version of their manga or comics. The word anime is short for animation in Japan. Now Anime are more advanced and better in every aspect that cartoons. The graphics, the visuals, the concepts so there's no comparison between them.

There are a lot of anime that has been released since 1960's with the works of the father of anime Osamu Tezuka. They have been categorized into a lot of genre as well. Here are some of the anime that is a must watch. I'll try not to spoil anything but if you have a vivid imagination then SPOILERS!

9. Dororo

9 Anime Series You Need To Watch

This anime is from an early age’s manga. The manga was recently adapted and has a different approach from the usual ones. It is one of the early works by Osamu Tezuka himself. The story, the opening song, the fight scenes will all keep you intrigued and hold your attention till you binge watch and complete it. Unfortunately it is a 24 episode anime. I personally would've loved it if it were more than that.

8. Shokugeki no Soma(Food wars!)

Now if you like to watch stuff related to food then this anime is definitely for you. The food wars follows the plot of a teenager Soma Yukihira who aspires to work in his father's restaurant.

9 Anime Series You Need To Watch
Shokugeki no Soma(Food wars!)
To surpass his father's culinary skills he enters a competition and hence the name Food Wars.

7. Citrus

Now this is a tricky one but had to be included because there's almost all types of anime genre here, right? So, Citrus is an anime that has the plot of a fashionable, spontaneous city-loving girl who moves to new neighborhood after her mother's remarriage.

9 Anime Series You Need To Watch
Yui, turns out she has a step sister who is also the student council president. The relationship between them starts from sharing the same bedroom to developing romantic feelings. Bet that caught your attention, huh?

6. Hajime no-Ippo(Fighting Sprite)

Hajime no-Ippo is a boxing anime series. The story is about a high school student who begins his career in boxing. Over the course of time he gains a lot of trophies and fame after defeating various top notch opponents. The anime has a different type of thrill to it.

Hajime no-(Fighting Sprite)
The art style and the passive monologues give it a quick boost. And not to spoil anything but near around last episode an epic twist is awaiting for you to discover. So get started already.

5.  Death Note

Death note is one of the best thriller in the anime world. The suspense, the twists and the close calls will make you finish it in just a day or two depending on your data allowance. The plot follows along a young student who finds a notebook. 

9 Anime Series You Need To Watch
Death Note

This notebook holds the power that if anybody writes someone's name in it the person, dies. To find the killer the best detective in anime history finds his way close to the killer.

4. Sword art online

SAO takes place in the near future where VRMMORPG has taken its root. The protagonist Kazuto Kirigaya or Kirito along with his friends plays several of these games and beats it.

9 Anime Series You Need To Watch
Sword art online
 The story line is quite good but since all the four seasons has almost the same ending it might not be so intriguing but the twists and turns are the ones that will help you complete the series. You might skip GGO but just get a brief idea about that season and then watch the movie SAO: Ordinal Scale to get equipped for the next season i.e., SAO: Alicization.

3. Tokyo Ghoul

This has to be the best short anime in my opinion of course. The anime follows the story of a teenager Kaneki Ken who wants to get into one of the reputed college and have a natural date but the plot twist makes him a ghoul. 

9 Anime Series You Need To Watch
Tokyo Ghoul

At first he refuses being one of the ghouls but the process can't be reversed so he accepts and uses his powers to protect his new family. It has four seasons and the opening song is considered as one of the best ones in anime history. I would suggest not to waste any time and get started already.

2. Boku no Hero Academia(My Hero Academia)

Also known as My Hero Academia is an anime about a kid named ‘Midoriya’ who is born without any superpowers in a world full of the later. In this world 80 percent of humanity possessing various abilities from manipulation of elements to shapeshifting.

9 Anime Series You Need To Watch
Boku no Hero Academia(My Hero Academia)
This leaves the remainder of the world completely powerless, and Izuku Midoriya is one such individual. He later gains his power by working hard for it (trying not to spoil it for you guys) and becomes the top hero of the world.

1. Naruto

Once you enter the world of anime, Naruto is the first name you will hear in every anime lovers fan. Naruto is a outcast in his village but aims to one day the his village and the anime shows the hardships and problems he faces throughout his life. 

9 Anime Series You Need To Watch

The anime is not just a show it will give your life lessons that you will never forget.

So there is the list of 9 Animes that are a must watch. The list is quite long so you guys better get started.

Comment down below and let us know which anime we missed and if you want another part then spam it in the comments section and share it your friends.

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