Top 6 Scary German Urban Legends

Top 6 Scary German Urban LegendsNow if you're here then you probably love to read and watch scary stories and legends. And you're at the right place. Today we're going to talk about urban legends of Germany. Germany has a population of 82 million people so no doubt there are some really creepy and scary stories there. Germany has a rich history of that dates back centuries so it's like a basket full of stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. So without wasting any time let's just jump into it and get to know some of the scary legends of Germany.

6. The Marksman

The MarksmanThis legend goes something like this. One day a marksman was out for some deer or wild boar hunting but the dark autumn forest was making it hard to see. Then out of nowhere came a shady salesman. He had his face covered. The man then offered the marksman seven bullets. But he had one condition. The first six bullets will hit any target the marksman wishes but the last and seventh one will hit where the salesman wishes. The marksman agrees to this deal. He became famous for bringing kill after kill. 

Top 6 Scary German Urban Legends
The Marksman

This catches the eye of the prettiest girl in the town. The marksman and the girl soon fall in love. Soon the six bullets were used up and when he fired the seventh one, it went straight through the lover's chest, killing her. Later the salesman reveals himself as the Devil and told the marksman that if he continues to live a good life he'll be reunited with his love after his death. The marksman tries but falls in love with another girl and marries her instead. After a year or so the marksman was travelling through the woods on his horse when he saw some skeletons dancing around a bonfire in a forest clearing. One of the skeletons belonged to the first girl he was in love with. He gets entranced by it and dances through the night. Next morning, at the edge of the forest, the people of the town find him and his horse dead.

5. The Drudes

Drudes- are said to be a magical but evil spirits. They appear in German folklores and is said to be nocturnal. They are associated with nightmares. They are is also believed that it took part in "The Wild Hunt". A group of supernatural beings and spirits that were believed to bring death, war or plague to anyone whoever has witnessed it. They often adapt the appearance of a young woman and visit people when they are asleep. 

Top 6 Scary German Urban Legends

The Drudes

They sit on them- which crushes their minds in the nightmares and bodies in the real life. After they kill their prey they turn into a old and ugly woman. The woman is pale and thin with three large toes and one of them pointing backwards. One of the chilling thing about drudes is that they can enter from anywhere. Through a window? Done. A crack in window? Done. How about a keyhole? You may ask and the answer will is Yes. And hence there is no way you can stop it from getting to you if it wants to. It is believed that a drude is an ancient princess who couldn't find peace for a thousand years or so and now crushes men in their sleep to get some kind of revenge.

4. Der Grossman

The name directly translates into tall man. Yeah you might think it's the Slender man and this Der Grossman might be the base as well that urban legend too. It's believed that it lives in the Black forest of Germany. The forest was named by some Romanians because of its pitch black darkness. It has the figure similar to that of the Slender man. A tall body which is disfigured with white orbs for eyes.

Der Grossman
It is said that the Tall man is a fairy who chases bad kids lost in the forest. And it never stops chasing them until it catches them or if they tell their parents what wrong things they have done but this just might not be enough. On of the report from a man living into he forest in the year 1702 said that "My son, Lars came into my bedroom yesterday, screaming at the top of his lungs that "The angel is outside!", I asked him what he was talking about, and he told me some nonsense fairy story about Der Grossmann.
He said he went into the groves by our village and found one of my cows dead, hanging from a tree. I thought nothing of it at first but now, he is gone.
We must find Lars, and my family must leave before we are killed I am sorry my son I should have listened. May God forgive me"

3. The Nachzehrer

Nachzehrer- These are basically German vampires but they don't suck blood the directly eat the bodies. Kind of like a hybrid between zombie and vampire. These creatures are made not by any scratches or hitting but when a person commits suicide or has died of an accidental death. It's believed that the person who dies first in an a large group of diseased people will turn into a Nachzehrer.

Top 6 Scary German Urban Legends
The Nachzehrer
When they first wake up after their death they tend to devout their family members or if they are too desperate they eat themselves. Legend says that they often leave their graves, shape shift into pigs and visit the family to feast on the blood of the members. One of their most chilling ways to kill people is by their shadow. It is believed that if their shadow covers anyone they will instantly die. There is another reason for you not to step out in the night.

2. Frankenstein Castle

Frankenstein Castle - Now we all know who Frankenstein was. And the original novel was inspired from this castle. The castle was built over a thousand years ago and many generations of the Frankenstein family lived there until it died out in the 1600s. The last member of the family was killed in an chariot accident on his way to visit his lover, Anne Marie. She died waiting for him with a broken heart and now is said to wander the castle.

Top 6 Scary German Urban Legends
Frankenstein Castle

Another owner of the castle Konrad Dipple von Frankenstein was said to be the real life monster. The scientist, alchemist and grave robber. He experimented on the dead bodies and tried to resurrect them. Yep, just like the story the villagers stormed the castle but the scientist killed himself with one of his potions. It is believed that the creatures he created roam the grounds of the castle and nearby ground while the ghost of Konrad haunts the rooms of the castle searching for eternal life.

1. Werewolf of Morbach

Werewolf of MorbachComing at number 9 is the legend of the werewolf. We all know how much these mystical creature excite us. Well in Germany it is said that a werewolf was last seen and killed in the town of Wittlich. The legend goes something like this, Thomas Schweitzer, a soldier along with his friends raised a farmhouse. According to the story he murdered the family  and while doing so the wife laid a curse on him- From now on, at each full moon, you'll change into a rabid wolf!- after that he began to change. He became more murderous and bloodthirsty.

Top 6 Scary German Urban Legends
Werewolf of Morbach

His cravings for blood and violence grew too much, his friend abandoned him and he abandoned civilization. He went into the woods to live alone, the locals began to talk about a wolfman living in the woods. Then began the nightmares, the murders. The wolfman or werewolf was blamed for the incidents. The vicious slaughter of livestock and people grew day by day. No one thought about it until Thomas raped a local girl named Elizabeth.
A group of villagers confronted him and commanded him to pay for the crimes. He fled but was tackled by another group of people in Morbach. They killed him and to stop him from coming back, they built a shrine and lit a candle. It is believed that until that candle is lit the werewolf will not be a threat and will be bound to it's grave. Then nine months later, Elizabeth gave birth to a child and to her relief the curse was not bestowed on the child. The descendants of Elizabeth still live in that area.

Well there's that. The top 6 German urban legends, if you liked it then make sure you let us know down in the comments. And trust me it was really hard to choose from a lot of interesting ones.

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