Top 7 Most Unsolved Mysterious Places Of The Earth

Top 7 Most Unsolved Mysterious Places Of The Earth - Our blue planet, Earth never fails to amaze us. All of us must have, at some point of time wondered about the he mysterious places on Earth and most of you are here because you were thinking about it right now. The best part about our Earth is that each and every part of it has a beautiful secret to it. The mystery surrounding it is somewhat unique or alien to us but the result we get it beyond beautiful. Some may even get really mesmerized by its beauty. The Earth has a lot of secrets that is well hidden by it but thanks to our scientists and researchers who bring forth these secrets and make us see the hidden beauty of earth.

There are people who will be eager to keep the secrets of Earth hidden. The unknown must be kept unsaid.  Similarly even after the discovery of these mysterious places our scientists have been searching for answers, after so much time of research.

Today we shall learn about some of the mysterious and unexplainable places on Earth which are wired yet gorgeous.

1.  Blood falls, Antarctica

As the name suggests in the snowy fields of Antarctica there exists a waterfall which appears as if blood is falling in the McMurdo valleys. It is a mystery as one of the coldest a driest places has a waterfall like this.

Blood falls, Antarctica,The Boiling River

Scientists were assuming that it is due to a kind of algae. But later studies revealed that the hue is due to iron oxide. But the assumption of life in the water was not completely cut off as some form of bacterial life could be found due to the salty and extremely cold water of Antarctica.

 2.  The Boiling River, Amazon Forest

You might be wondering how a river can boil? The river is a 7km long in the Jungles of Peru. This river that can help you fry or boil a real egg on top of it. The river is so hot and dangerous that it can burn humans and kill animals.

The Boiling River, Amazon Forest

The river is neither emerging from any volcano nor it is a hot spring. It is infect glacier water heated from the bottom of Earth. But the good news is that at the end of the river where the water gets colder, it becomes the world's most amazing Jacuzzi.

3.  The Petrifying Lake, Lake Natron, Tanzania

You saw it right, the lake is considered a Petrifying Lake because the name"Natron" is a compound that occurs naturally, is made up of volcanic ash, and is mainly consisted of sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate. The lake is Located close to the Kenyan border. 

The Petrifying Lake, Lake Natron

Lake Natron is made by some springs that are rich in minerals. This makes the lake highly alkaline, reaching a pH of 9 to 10.5. The birds that fall into the lake get carbonated in such a way that they appear as statuses. The excessive sodium carbonate is dangerous for other birds but it is the perfect breeding ground for Flamingoes.

4.  Devil's Bridge, Germany

The Devil's Bridge is a term used for bridges mostly from the European continent where the bridges represent a technological advancement. In one these bridges, situated in Rakotzbr├╝cke,

Devil's Bridge, Germany

wherever you look the reflection and the bridge all together make a perfect Circle. These bridges are called the devil's bridges because each of them has a folk tale or myth related to the Underworld king.

 5.  Area 51, Nevada

I assume almost all of you have heard about this place at least once in your lifetime. Well let me tell you who don't have any clue about it. Area 51 is a large air force base in the desert of Nevada which is forbidden for ordinary

Area 51,Nevada

people to visit. It's so restricted by the US government that people have theories that at this base US government contacts and interacts with extraterrestrial life. People believe that they have seen UFO's and bright lights land or take off from this place. It's always fun to read these alien conspiracies and I recommend you to check some of them out.

6.  Pamukkale, Turkey

It is a town in the west to Turkey. The town is famous for its mineral rich thermal water flowing down the travertine terraces from the nearby hills. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Pamukkale, Turkey

The warm and crystal clear water will hypnotize you. You can see a snowy landscape which is due to calcium carbonate deposition over the course of time. The water is really therapeutic and the gorgeous view of white waterfalls, cliffs and terraces will definitely attract your attention.

7.  Spotted Lake Khiluk, B.C. , Canada

This lake is located in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. The lake's specialty can be observed only in summer because in winters or springs it is not so different than ordinary lakes. In summer however, 

Spotted Lake Khiluk, B.C. , Canada

the lake dries out and since it has no access to sea the water drains inland or into the soil, making mineral rich, colorful pools. A fun fact is that the lake is so rich in minerals that in World War 1 the ammunition were made from the minerals extracted from the lake. It is also considered a sacred lake and was thought that the lake has therapeutic properties in its water for centuries.

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