4 Easy Ways To Lose Fat Within A Week

4 ways to lose fat in a week For people who think it is impossible to look fit in a week or lose some pounds in a week let me tell them that this article is going to prove you all wrong.

It may not be possible to lose a lot of weight in a week but certainly you can lose some amount of weight which will be noticeable.

You can start losing weight by changing your habits in drinking, eating, exercising and sleeping. These are the things that are the part of your daily routine, so making some changes in it; will make you lose some weight.

 1.    Drinks that help to lose fat

What is better than starting the day with drinks that will help you lose weight and remain fit.

4 Easy Ways To Lose Fat Within A Week

So here are some drinks that will help you in losing fat:

·                ·        Green Tea

The first thing which comes to our mind when we hear healthy drink is green tea; it is the only drink which has 0 calories in it. It is a drink which helps in increasing your metabolism, which is a main factor in loosing fat.

·        Warm-water

Warm-water has taken second place on the list because it contains very less calories in it and has numerous benefits in it. It not only helps you to burn calories but also makes your tummy feel full, and helps you in eating less.

·        Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

This drink may not directly decrease or remove fat from your body but helps in decreasing insulin levels and it even helps in increasing your metabolism thus helping in reducing the fat percentage in your body.

·        Ginger and Lemon

To say ginger and lemon are both great in their way and both have their own benefits and ways to cut down fat but when intermixed they create one of the best drink which helps in burning down fat.


·        Tomato juice

One arrow two shots this phrase was made for this juice I guess, as because it not only helps in burning fat, but also makes your skin clean and glowing. The juice contains Vitamins, Minerals, and Phytonutrients that act against diabetes and obesity.

So guys these were the drinks that are really amazing in cutting down your body fat.

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2.    Exercises to lose fat fast

4 Easy Ways To Lose Fat Within A Week

We all know that exercises help in losing fat but in this case we need to lose more fat in a small time therefore we need to a set of intensive exercises which will burn maximum amount of fat in minimum amount of time.

This technique is called HIIT that is High Intensive Interval Training
There is small HIIT program that I have made myself which will help by burning fat in a very short interval of time.

As it says, it is a set of intensive exercises so it goes like this:

1}  30 jumping jacks
2}  20 wide push ups
3}  30 jump ropes
4}  20 second plank
5}  30 jump ropes
6}  20 high knees
7}  10 burpees

1 x sets for level 1
3 x sets for level 2
5 x sets for level 3

 3.    Dieting for losing weight fast

4 Easy Ways To Lose Fat Within A Week

Dieting contributes 70% to 75% of the weight loss while exercise
Only contributes 30% to 25% of it.

So I mean to say that before thinking of getting into shape or losing weight you need to think of a diet, the diet is the only weapon that can help you win this war against fat.
There are many types of diet that one can follow some of the effective diets are:

§  intermittent fasting diet
§  liquid diet
§   Ketogenic diet
§   Weight Watchers diet
§   Atkins diet

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4. Sleeping

4 Easy Ways To Lose Fat Within A Week

 Sleeping may not sound very important in case of losing weight
 but it is an important factor in losing weight.

When the body gets the perfect amount of rest it acts well, mechanism like metabolism, and physical strength increases which leads to loss of weight, so never forget to give the right amount of rest to your body.
So following the above four steps will definitely help you lose weight in a week. To know more about diet and exercise or about fashion stay tuned with us.   

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