Top 4 things that you should know before watching Spider-Man: Far From Home

Top 4 things that you should know before watching Spider-Man: Far From Home

Top 4 things that you should know before watching Spider-Man: Far From Home. SPOILERS WARNING!! In case you haven’t seen Avengers Endgame which presumably you did as you’re reading this article. Also Spoiler Warning if we predict something too accurately that might ruin your life.

Now that Marvel has completed its 3rd phase with Avenger Endgame, Far From Home is a kind of epilogue to it. With the passing of Ironman, the mantle is bestowed upon someone and from the trailers and TV spots it is speculated that Peter Parker aka Spider-man will be the one who will step up to this title.  So with the movie right around the corner here are some things that you need to know before you watch Spider-man: Far from Home.

1. Peter is not the only one to compete for the Ironman legacy.

The world has suffered with the after effects of Thanos. The decimation has killed the half of universe which was later revived by the avengers in Endgame and due to the sacrifice of Tony Stark. Both Stark and Steve Rogers aka Captain America had a keen sense of responsibility towards the youngest avengers Peter. 

Top 4 things that you should know before watching Spider-Man: Far From Home

So naturally the legacy of Tony should go to him as we have seen Peter go from “I don’t feel so good Mr. Stark” to “We won Mr. Stark”. But according to the trailers and tv spots of Far from home Quentin Beck aka Mysterio is also taking the advantage of the disbanded avengers. With no one to protect the world from these types of villains he uses the situation to erase the name of avengers from history. He seeks the help of spiderman claiming that he’s from another dimension but lowkey uses Peter as a sidekick and claims all the glory for himself.

2. Mysterio is not a hero!!

As said earlier, Mysterio is actually a villain from the Spiderman comics played by Jake Gyllenhaal. He uses lies to deceive people and claim glory for himself. He is a master of illusion, hypnosis  and deception so there is a great chance is that he is fooling everyone by introducing himself as a superhero. 

Top 4 things that you should know before watching Spider-Man: Far From Home

He is also a professional in special effects and specifically designs weapons to fend off Spider-man in the comics. Also in the first trailer we see Peter in a black stealth suit, this might be given to him by Fury and Hill but on the insisting of Beck. He might be trying to make Spiderman the less noticeable hero and as a result make himself standout  more and be the flashy superhero that everyone pay attention to.

3. The Elemental villains

From a lot of aspects there might be two possibilities who these monsters or peacebreakers are. The elemental villains have attacked the European countries and Peter along with beck are seen fending them off throughout the trailer. But the question is who are these monsters? 

Top 4 things that you should know before watching Spider-Man: Far From Home

The possible explanation is that they might be the villains Sandman, Moltenman and Hydroman because of the hidden easter eggs spotted in the trailers about the spiderman comic issues where these three appear. There is also a possibility that they are the ‘Elementals’ from Doctor Strange comics. Although the later sounds less likely to happen. Also at one point in the trailer we see a massive monster which appears to be a mixture of all the three individual monster.

4.  A connection

The connection here between the movies Spider-man: Far from Home and Spider-man: Into the Spider verse. The later is an animated movie also a production of Sony pictures and is an animated movie. Although there is a nod to the multiverse or parallel realities in Far From Home just as the animated counterpart there might be a different introduction to the main character of Into the Spider verse, Miles Morales. Miles was actually teased in Spider-man: Homecoming by the character named Aaron Davis played by Donald Grover who is Miles Uncle in the animated movie. 

Moreover, in a deleted scene it is seen that Donald calls his nephew by his name. So there is a Miles somewhere in the MCU. And since the decimation five years has passed and Peter and friends will be in the class of younger kids and there is a possibility that Miles might be one of them. Though they both go to different schools it is highly likely that in some future movie both Peter and Miles may cross roads.
So there you have it. The 4 things that you should know before watching Spiderman: Far From Home. Comment down below if you’ve any theories about the upcoming movie and what the future of MCU will be.

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