6 Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair At Home

6 Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair At Home

6 ways to take care of your Hair luscious locks! Gentlemen and Senoritas when it comes to hair many of us would agree that whatever maybe the case our hair and the different styles are an important part of our lives.Especially for men, the thought of losing our hair scares us, so to prevent that from happening we have brought to some of the easiest and simple ways that you can apply in your lives so that you have those luscious locks flowing with the wind. This is also applicable for females who are suffering from stuff like Hairfall, Hair damage and etc.

Whatever the case maybe we have to do some of the basic things that help our hair to grow and get proper nourishment. So here are six ways that you should definitely adopt in your lives.
1. Application Of Oil

In our everyday life we often forget the most simple and basic way that our hair would get the required nourishment and nutrients. Application of oil ensures that happens. Its application every alternate day is a must if your hair is dry or is brittle. The oil should be massaged on the scalp to get the optimum results. You can use any type of oil for example, Coconut oil, Almond oil, Argan oil or even Olive oil. These oils are suitable for any type of hair.  Use oil for at least 3 days a week and witness the magic it creates on your hair quality.

2. Using Conditioner after Shampoo
The use of conditioner is almost a mandatory after you shampoo. This ensures that your hair doesn’t lose its properties and helps lock the nutrients inside the scalp. Often people forget the use because of the time it consumes but trust me; once you start using this the quality of your hair will increase drastically. You should wash your hair on the same day you used oil or on the day after. Keeping the oil of your scalp for long time might result in dandruff producing or the accumulation of dust and dirt due to its sticky nature so better safe than sorry.
3. Proper drying of hair.

Let me guess, after you wash your hair you just take the towel and rub like a maniac. That type of rubbing causes your hair to break and as a result you start going bald at some places. It’s because your hair is brittle and weak after a wash. But don’t worry here what you can do instead, once out of the bath take your towel and use the pat and move technique. You just have to pat gently and move, this technique ensures that your hair doesn’t break. Use this technique and see the change in your hair texture.

4. Pick a Hairstyle suitable for your face and texture.

If you’ve missed the article which we have made for you gentlemen then you should definitely check it out. You should always try the hairstyles that best suit your hair texture and face shape. And don’t worry if you’re balding, SHAVE IT! In case you don’t know yet women love a nice shaved head with an A-class beard or moustache or maybe both. The only downfall with this point is that we haven’t made an article for our spicy senoritas yet which will be coming up real soon. So keep an eye on it. 
5.  Use of hair products

We all use different hair products but what you don’t know is that the products are based on different hairstyles and textures. We have seen people use a hair product which doesn’t suit their texture and it has drastic results. Also the use of pre-style is really important. This also requires a thorough knowledge about your hair texture. The products are not used on dry hair so keep in mind to at least damp or you’ve used pre-style’s. The important thing you should keep in mind while buying products is that it should not be cheap and must not contain high quantity of alcohol.
6. An important point!

You have to get your hands out of your hair! You style it and leave it, the constant disturbance actually makes the hair weak because your hands become sweaty and has dirt accumulated on it so when you rub your hair with it, the dirt gets deposited on the hair and weakens it. Also an important part of taking care of your hair is that don’t go too long between your haircuts. If you’re doing so then fix it because it ruins the quality of your hair and damages with time.

So there it is, the six things that if you do then your hair will flow with the luscious it should have, and who doesn’t want that to happen. Comment down below what else you want us to write about.

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