7 Easy Cloting Tricks To Look More Muscular

7 Easy Cloting Tricks To Look More Muscular

We have lot to think when it comes look stylish and sexy. So today we will tell you ‘7 simple and easy tricks which any man can follow to look more muscular ' and increase his style game up a notch. 

Now to follow these tricks you don't necessarily have to go to the gym and pump those muscles.These tricks are neutral and can be followed by any man to look more sexy and muscular strength
Let's just jump right into it then!

 1.  The science of Sleeve length

We all have T-shirts in our wardrobe but the most common and ignored step is the sleeve length. The first rule suggests while pulling off a t-shirt is that the sleeve length should be tight and a little short than usual. The thing to keep in mind is that the sleeve should cover your whole shoulder and expose only a little of your biceps and arms. Too much short sleeve will ruin the look and will not look good.

2. Use of Collars

If you ask a random girl peacefully, whether she likes T-shirts or shirts then it's likely she will say she likes shirts. The reason behind it is the collars. Also this trick is not limited to shirts, this can be applied for polo shirts as well. The collars makes your neck look a little bigger and with that it enhances your face and body looks. So when you're going out or need a quick outfit go for a shirt with a collar. The other important thing to note is that the collar should not be sloppy, it should be straight and if it doesn't stay that way use a collar pin, or iron it properly.


3. Patterns and Fit

Since we're talking about shirts here, this trick will be a nice enhancer for you to look sexier and muscular.  For guys who are on the side of being a little thin or go to gyms; when you're out for shopping try slim fit shirts. This will look really good on you and increase your charisma. Even if you don't have slim fit ones have your shirts tailored. Tapper and tighten the sleeves and look like a Greek god instantly!

You should try out patterned shirts. At least try out these and see for yourself if they look good on you or not. The thing to keep in mind here is that the patterns should be small and elegant. Any man who wears these small patterned shirts will instantly look more muscular, more handsome and more stylish.

4. Pants

After the top wear, comes the bottom wear. The pants that you should be biased about should be slim fit ones. You should keep in mind that the pants should not be too tight or too loose. It should be a little tight around your pelvis and thighs. Then comes the another use of the tailor. The pants should be tapered around the ankles and this is internationally accepted to be stylish and hence increasing your style game up!

5. Colours

If you're a little self-conscious about your body, say, you think what people will say about your outfit then you should always prefer dark colours. Now dark colours consists of black and dark navy blue mainly, and the others that you can think have...but don't use tacky colours. If you're still a bit concious about your body, use vests, these will make you look more fit and contribute in making you look more muscular by reducing the fat.

6. Pump up those muscles

Now if you're a man and worry about you looking better then you should definitely workout. If you don't have enough time to do a whole body exercise at least focus on the arms, the biceps, the triceps and your forearms? This will help boost your confidence as well as enhance your overall look.

So there are our 6 simple and easy tricks that make you look muscular, stylish and sexy. Above all these, have your self-confidence all the time high because remember, you are awesome!
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