Top 5 Casual Wardrobe Essentials For Men

When it comes to fashion we always tend to gather a lot of different colours and almost every time the same style, be it be shirts, pants or jackets and even accessories.  This somehow decreases our overlook outlook and today we’re going to fix that.

So, if you’re planning on creating an awesome wardrobe then these five wardrobe essentials is the first building steps for that.

1. Shirts and T-Shirts

Top 5 Casual Wardrobe Essentials For Men


When you’re building your wardrobe, the important thing is having an awesome collection of shirts and t- shirts. To start with, you should have at least the basic colours. They are Black, White and maybe grey and navy blue. This is because these colours go on with almost everything.  Say you’re running late for a meeting or just casual hangout you could always pair these with a jeans or chinos and walk out like a boss. Also keep in mind that the shirts you buy are slim fit and not too tight or too baggy. After the basic colours you can experiment with colours and patterns you like. But sticking to the solid colours is in trend and might be for the next two to three years.

2. Bottoms

Top 5 Casual Wardrobe Essentials For Men


After the top wear comes the turn of the bottoms. The first thing that comes to our mind after this is jeans. And when it comes to that you must have a pair of dark navy blue jeans and black jeans. These are practically the two colours that can go with everything like yellow or maroon. So when you’re confused of what to pair with a shirt then throw in the black or blue jeans. With jeans you should also own a pair of black and dark brown chinos. The chinos give off a rich and formal look so you can wear them to a formal event or to some kind of function. You also have to own a few joggers for the moments you feel lazy.

3. Shoes

Top 5 Casual Wardrobe Essentials For Men


The most important part of an outfit is having a matching pair of shoes. People’s attention first goes to the shoes then to the whole outfit. The first pair you need to buy is obviously a, you guessed it, black sneakers and formals. After that you would like to add the white sneakers to your collection as well, but take good care of these kicks as they get dirty pretty fast. Then comes a important part of selection. If you’re more than 5’7’’ then go for low top and high top shoes. If you’re below 5’7’’ then go for low top and mid top shoes. The low top shoes end below the ankle, mid top end on the ankle and the high tops end above the angle. This selection will compliment your height and make you look even more handsome. After all this you can go for a pair of double monks or single monks, maybe a pair of suede’s.


4. Accessories

Top 5 Casual Wardrobe Essentials For Men


When choosing accessories don’t go overboard. The minimal the accessories the more rich you look. The first thing in this category is to have two to three different styles and colours of watches, you would like to stick with the black and brown as it goes with every other colour. After the watches you can go a ‘little overboard, say a bracelet and/or a ring and/or a chain. Just don’t wear millions of rings in all your fingers and throw on thick and lots of chains to look cool because you won’t look a bit of cool instead give off a douche vibe.

5. Jackets

Top 5 Casual Wardrobe Essentials For Men


And at last not certainly not least is an epic collection of jackets. This category can be summarized in a simple way. If you’re a teenager or between the ages of 15-30 then you should have a bomber jacket or a varsity jacket if you go to colleges/university. A leather jacket and suede jacket would be a cool addition to the closet and apart from that you can collect cardigans as well. You should have at least two suit jackets with or without the whole suit outfit. This will be a great help in formal situations.

These are the top five essentials that every man should have in his closet. Comment down below what you would want to know more about and check out our other fashion articles to get a better perspective of yourself. 

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