Top 9 back to school/college essentials for every student needs!

Top 9 back to school/college essentials every student needs!

Since the summer is almost at the end and everyone will be going back to school or colleges soon enough and you all might be freaking out to choose what to wear and how to look stud and stylish.

You already want to make this school year your best one ever, so today we will be helping you out with top 9 back to school/college essentials every student needs. This is mostly focused on men however girls can apply these too.

1. Kicks!

You already know that shoes are the ones that attract the most attention. So you want something that’s stylish and comfortable to walk around whole day and which is affordable. This needs to be versatile too so they go with everything. You should go for white, black or navy blue ones because these colours are the most versatile and easy to pair with.

2. Top-wear

When it comes to top wear you would want to stock up on t-shirts and shirts because they are cheap and are easy to pair with anything. The Important part to note is that these should fit you right; if they do you will instantly look a lot better than you previously did. 

Most students don’t know this and since you do you’ll be more attractive than most of them. Go for Polo or a crewneck depending on your body type. Collared shirts which might be polo or button down, these are better than wearing matching Nike switch t-shirts which match their socks. A comfortable, causal and relaxed outfit is a whole lot better than a dummy looking outfit.

3. Jeans

The first thing that you should focus is your jeans. You can buy one pair of jeans and that will last through multiple semesters. The fashion geeks already know this and they prefer dark navy blue or black jeans. These colours give the most versatility and options. You can throw these with practically any other colour. The one thing to keep in mind is that they fit you perfectly which give you the option to go from the classroom to a party instantly. The jeans should be nice and slim, not skinny or too baggy.

4. Accessories

The thing that compliments your look is accessories. Most people go crazy on these and as a result look like a douche, so don’t go overboard. Get yourself two-three nice and affordable watches or buy a watch whose straps can be changed. This will be even cheaper and give a rich look while creating the illusion that you own multiple watches. You can also use a ring or a thin chain to boost your outfits.

5. Hoodies

When you’re in a group you want to fit in perfectly and stand out from everyone else at the same time. The hoodie does that for you, if you choose a perfect stylish looking hoodie then this will boost your style game a notch. The hoodie should be nice and well-fitting because most of the kids out there are wearing oversize ones that ruin their whole look, so when you are rocking a perfect sized one it looks instantly more attractive. But beware because your girl might wanna steal that one from you.

6.  Jacket

When you’re in class you might feel cold and soon the fall and winter will be upon us soon and so a good versatile jacket is needed so that you can layer it. The options are that you can get yourself a denim jacket, a bomber jacket or a leather jacket. If you don’t own even a single jacket then prefer black and dark indigo colours first. These can be paired with almost any outfit that you have and look like a beast.

7. Backpack

Of course you will need a backpack to carry all your stuff and yes that does influence your style game.  To ensure that you are still at the top of this game you should get a light, thin backpack to keep just your essentials. A notebook, a laptop, your pencil case and headphones. The thick baggy ones should be avoided and try to hang the bag on one shoulder. This gives a more confident and stylish look that a double strapped bag probably won't give.

8. Headphones

We don’t go anywhere these days without music and nice pair of headphones. A nice pair of headphones will do nothing but complement our outlook more. The selection depends completely on you but choose something that is sleek and comfortable. If you have your apple air pods than they are the best option than any other headphones. These are great as they go undetected and no one can know you’re using them and hence you can use these every time. 

9. Sweaters

The crew neck sweaters are the best options after jackets to wear in the fall, winter and spring. They are easy to layer and look good. The sweaters give off a rich, classy vibe. They are a thicker version of long sleeve t-shirt. You can wear them with jeans, chinos, etc. The skinny guys will appear a bit buffed up in these and would look awesome.

So there you have it, the top 9 essentials for back to school/college that every student needs. Check out our other article about top 5 wardrobe essentials for men and comment down below what you want to know more about.

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