What’s New Upcoming Marvel’s TV Series

Hey guys! 'What’s New Upcoming Marvel’s TV Series' Now that the San Diego comic con has come to an end and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been revealed by the President of Marvel Studios, 'Kevin Fiege'. The next phase after the end of phase 3 also known as the Infinity Saga has a new and exciting plan for all of us ahead. From this phase onward the big screen and the small screen will be tied together and will influence each other. Movies and Series will be interlinked and will be progressing side by side. So today we are counting down the top 5 Upcoming marvel streaming series.

These shows will be released within the next two years and will be the first ones to have an influence on the big screens. So without wasting any time let's jump right into it!

Also major Spoiler warning from Avengers Endgame and Spider-man: Far from home. If you haven't seen the movies yet then I don't know why you're even watching this, go watch the movie and then come back again and enjoy!


1. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 

What’s New Upcoming Marvel’s TV Series

Starting off with a reference to Avengers Endgame, the beloved Captain America at the end of the movie went back to return the infinity stones and stayed in the past with Peggy Carter but he returned back to the present day and then he passed on his shield to the Falcon played by Anthony Mackie. In the San Diego Comic Con the Winter Soldier aka Sebastian Stan along with Mackie goofed around with the Cap's shield and if it is taken seriously then we think that the plot of this series might be that who will bear the title of Captain America. Later on the screen appeared Baron Zemo with his comic book mask on which means actor Daniel Brühl will be returning to play the part. The series will be released on the new streaming service Disney+. The series will start airing in the fall of 2020.


2. Wanda-Vision

What’s New Upcoming Marvel’s TV Series

After the events of Endgame we all know that vision is dead but Wanda Maximoff's love for him is not. The plot of the story was not made clear by the stars but Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany playing the roles of Wanda and Vision stated that the series will get weird. Some speculate that the series will explore the relationship between the two characters more and reveal new aspects. We like to think little ahead of time, since the streaming serieses will be influencing the movie world and Kevin Fiege has confirmed sometime in the future a Mutants movie will be released.

The series might have a plot where Wanda creates these mutants with her reality warping powers. With Doctor Strange pairing up with Wanda in the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness they could explore this story line. Teyonah Parris is playing an adult Monica Rambeau who is also know as Spectrum/Photon in the comics. So it would be interesting to watch her role in the MCU. The series will be launched in the Spring 2021 on Disney+ streaming service.

3. Loki

What’s New Upcoming Marvel’s TV Series

Ah! The mischievous god and probably the most loved villain played by Tom Hiddleston. Remember Loki has created a branched timeline when he stole the 'Tesseract' and warped away in Avengers Endgame. The Loki series will be exploring his life on how he's affect events throughout human history. The 2012 Loki is right after he gets hulk smashed so he is still the douche bag and not the one who gradually evolved throughout Ragnarok and Endgame. The series might be the most popular among all the other releases. The series will streaming in Disney+ at the same times as Wanda-Vision in Spring 2021.

4. What If...?

What’s New Upcoming Marvel’s TV Series

This series is a popular hypothetical spin off story-line in the comic world. The series will be an animated anthology and will be hosted by Jeffrey Wright as the Watcher. The Watchers has made a cameo with Stan Lee in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. We will be seeing alternate story-lines of past MCU characters and the first episode is rumored to be What If Peggy Carter took the super serum and not Steve Rogers. Pretty much all the original actors will be lending their voices to their character so it will be an exciting show to wait for. The show will be airing on Disney+, sometime in the Summer 2021.

5. Hawkeye

What’s New Upcoming Marvel’s TV Series

We have seen very less of Hawkeye and his adventures throughout MCU history. However with this new series we will get to know the more about that. Jeremy Renner will be returning as Clint Barton and as for the storyline he will be mentoring Kate Bishop who he passes the Hawkeye mantle in the Marvel Comics. The series might give us more hints about the events of Budapest in the perspective of Clint as Natasha Romanoff will be telling here in her solo movie Black Widow. The series will also be released on Disney+ and will air sometime in Fall 2021.

There you have it guys! The top 5 upcoming Marvel series. We personally look forward what the future holds for the MCU, Comment down below and tell us which series do you look most forward to and why?

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