5 fashion icons that you should definitely follow in 2019

We all have some sort of idol that we follow and aspire to be like.They help us improve ourselves and progress in our lives. You guys might have icons that you follow that are related to your career or an entrepreneur that helps you with developing your startup. However with brain you should be extraordinary in your fashion sense as well.

You can't go to a meeting looking like a douche bag, no one will take you seriously. You need to look smart and elegant.

So, today we are counting down top ‘5 style icons that you should definitely follow’ to boost up your style game and look sexy as hell!

1. David Beckham

5 fashion icons that you should definitely follow in 2019

Starting off with the man, the legend himself who changed the way people perceived fashion. He single handedly refined what the casual cool look is. The first thing to note about Beckham is that he doesn't need a fashion rule book. He constantly throws that away and mixes things up that you would never think would be compatible. He constantly tries new looks and styles and that is exactly why you should follow him and be more fearless to experiment with yourself and look even more sexier.

2. Alex Costa

5 fashion icons that you should definitely follow in 2019

Alex is a YouTuber since 2011 and the one of the best in this game. I've been following him since 3 years and in my opinion is really simple yet very elegant. He gives awesome tips and tricks on his YouTube channel and if you want to be picture perfect then follow his Instagram account. If you're in your early teens or below 30 then this is the guy that should definitely be in your list. His grooming and fitness videos will definitely help you look good as well as boost up self-confidence.

 3. Hrithik Roshan

5 fashion icons that you should definitely follow in 2019

Being on the top 25 most handsome men in the world surely gives you a upper hand in the fashion game. Hrithik is a Bollywood superstar and has his own clothing line. His fashion sense is on par with David Beckham. He has left behind Chris Evans and Henry Cavil to be in the top 10 most handsome men's list. If you're confused on what to wear to a party or a festival then following Hrithik will instantly give your ideas and your style game will definitely increase. He's talent on both traditional and modern dressing surely is a unique trait to him.

4. Aaron Marino

5 fashion icons that you should definitely follow in 2019

Aaron is also a YouTuber and is popularly known as AlphaM. The muscular beast is perfect for guys who are in their mid-20's and up. Although he gives awesome early teen advises his forte really is on the other side. Not only does he give fashion tips, he also helps you build your confidence and give you a reason to build yourself. And gentlemen if you want spicy senoritas after you then you have to check him out.

5. Ranveer Allahbadia

5 fashion icons that you should definitely follow in 2019

He's the Indian AlphaM in my opinion. Not only does he help you with your fashion game. He also helps in career and life choices. He has two YouTube channel, ‘Beer Biceps’ being the more intellectual one which will develop your personality and give a push when talking to someone. He is the perfect guy that will give you the best fashion tips like how should you dress up for college or how to look stylish and masculine in your office meetings and interviews. Follow him on instagram so when you're in doubt of how to combine your wardrobe to a party or a hangout, you get an awesome and easy way look sexy in these social meetings.

So there you have it our top 5 fashion icons that you should definitely follow. Although you just need to follow them for your fashion guidance the real you is already hiding inside you all you have to do is pull him out. Confidence and trust in yourself will be the key to unlock real masculinity. Remember you're awesome!

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