Marvel and Sony Part Ways ? Top 3 Reasons How Spiderman Might Be Coming Back!

Marvel and Sony Part ways ? Top 3 reasons how Spiderman might be coming back

"Marvel and Sony Part ways ? Top 3 reasons how Spiderman might be coming back"The news of the breaking of deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures has been around a few days now and this is really heartbreaking to know as our beloved neighborhood Spidey is getting torn apart because of this deal.will spider man come back to mcu

Sony Pictures has the rights to Spiderman and all the characters related to Spiderman since 1999 when Marvel sold them the movie rights. And since Spiderman: Far From Home which has been the highest grossing movie among all the Spiderman movies and Sony recently getting a superhit with Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. 

The deal has been broken off. Maybe the executives of Sony thought they could pull of another great movie and expand their own cinematic universe. However our Spidey might not loose yet, here are top 3 reasons how he could be back with the boys! Or dad's(cap and Tony) or uncle's(Sam, Bucky,T'challa). 

1. The Character rights are still with Marvel.

Back in 1999 Marvel sold the rights to Sony but not many of know which rights. It wasn't the character rights but the movie rights. Sony would have access to all the characters of Spiderman and the ones related to it to create and produce a movie but the original character rights still remain with Marvel. So if they want them they could exercise this upper hand and get Spidey and team back. Sony has over 900 characters in their arsenal and a lot of villians as well as comrades. Technically Sony could make their own phase like the MCU and it just might be whole lot better than that. I'm saying this because back in the days when there was a degradation Spiderman was the one that kept rebooting itself and kept the comics alive and pulled them for around a decade. It is not necessary for Sony to have someone back them up. All they need is an awesome creative team, Tom Holland, John Watts and people from Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse.


2. Sony might do a better job this time.

Ever since Andrew Garfield's Spiderman Sony was kinda off with it's superhero movies. And we all can agree that the best was Toby Maguire's Spiderman. However with Tom Holland now included and Sony with their recent big hit Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse they could make it a live action movie with the three actors and more. After all in Captain America Civil war we had a quick cameo of Miles Morales and his Uncle. Avengers Endgame opened up the possibility of multiverse and soon Doctor Strange 2 will be exploring this multiverse. So Sony could use this opportunity to pull off an awesome new storyline.

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3. Spiderman in the Multiverse of Web slinging!

Marvel has developed the character of Peter Parker in MCU too fast, let me tell you how. When the Spiderman homecoming was released it was a slow paced friendly neighborhood Spidey fighting vulture, shocker and scorpion and right after that we see him space for almost 3 movies. So the friendly neighborhood Spidey wasn't even in the neighborhood anymore. Sony has this as an advantage, all they have to do is strip off all the connections to the MCU as he's exposed in Spiderman: FFH. He could go underground, discard everything that Stark gave him and build something of his own. 

Peter Parker is a genius and one of the most intelligent characters in the comics. He can make a new suit right from the scratch in a few hours. And in the Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse he has a freaking hi-tech lab with multiple different suits. In addition to that the ground work for a sinister six has been already done with the two Tom Holland movies. Venom is also a great possibility to introduce Spidey in their universe. I personally would love to watch a Venom and Spidey team up to fight Carnage! Then there's Hobgoblin and the Kraven the hunter along with many other villians. Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales would be the close companions to Spidey and so on.

Now this was all for what Sony could do. Marvel doesn't have to stay behind and wallow in self pity about loosing Peter Parker. Marvel has access to some brilliant characters as well. To bring someone similar to Spidey they could introduce Nova, Richard Ryder. He is also a high school kid. Along with him studies Luke Cage(rebooted), Iron Fist and maybe a female character like squirrel girl or white tiger or Catwoman whatever. That would be an interesting team up and if marvel gains the rights to Spidey back then they could just insert him here easily. After that comes our loving Deadpool. 

He is the most interesting character ever, in my opinion, with Marvel gaining X-Men they can just destroy Deadpool and use his regeneration to grow back into the next Spiderman type character and film a Deadpool goes to High school movie. And since we are talking about X-Men then a younger version of Charles Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr would be great addition to the MCU with them come many more characters like quicksilver, Jean grey, cyclops all of the mainstream X-Men characters and some god tier villains for them to fight then off as well.

So there you have it the top 3 reasons how spidey could be back to the big-screen. Both Marvel and Sony could make great universes of their own without spidey but him being in the MCU opened up interesting teamups like Sam and Bucky, Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy etc. Spiderman is known popularly because he has appeared in almost ever comic that ever exists. Every marvel characters has met him at some point of time. And that is why this is heartbreaking to hear this news breakout.

What do you think happen to Spiderman? Comment down below and let us know your ideas!

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