Top 5 Underrated Superheroes Movies Ever

Throughout "Top 5 Underrated Superheroes Movies Ever" comic book history and long list of movies superheroes have consistently been in the spotlight. best underrated superhero movies However superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America and Wonder Woman etc. have always been the center of this spotlight and along the way many incredibly powerful and amazing characters that could not dominate our conversations and/or attention. There are a lot of superheroes that not only get less recognition from fans but also from the publishers and among the long long list of these amazing characters some of them stand out more than the others. 

Among this list are some shocking and rather unheard/ heard superheroes. Fasten your seat belts because today we are counting down the top 5 most underrated superheroes. Let's just jump right into it with our superhero at number 5.

5. The Question

The Question is one of the most underrated characters in DC comics. He was created by Steve Ditko for Charlton comics in 1967. Charles Victor Szasz also known as Vic Sage aka the Question is a highly outspoken journalist and investigator turned master detective. He is also a shaman. He has a genius level intellect and is very skilled in hand to hand combat and skilled martial artist and is even said to rival Batman in these areas. Vic uses a artificial skin called psuedoderm to mask his identity while investigating and uncovering truths and conspiracies. After Charlton Comics was bought by DC comics, The Question was given his own series and reintroduced in 1985. He is a part of the Black Lantern Corps and The Justice League. He has made several appearances in Justice League Unlimited and Batman The Brave and The Bold animated series's. I hope one day the cinematic universe adapts this character into the big screen and make him come to the spotlight.

4. Squirrel Girl

Top 5 Underrated Superheroes Movies Ever

Coming at number 4 is this character from the Marvel comics. Look I know most of you guys will be saying that what is she? And I know, she dresses up like a squirrel and looks like one. She might be the weirdest one in this list but not a bit less amazing. Doreen Allene Green is a college student and has powers such as superhuman strength, agility, senses, razor sharp claws, ability to communicate with squirrels etc. She is powerful enough to claim victories from formidable villians such as Dr. Doom, Thanos and even Galactus. She defeated Dr. Doom to impress Iron man and make her, his partner (even though he turned her down) and defeated Galactus by befriending him and convincing him not to destroy the Earth. At last I think she should be given some room in the big-screen and share the spotlight with the upcoming new Avengers or young Avengers teamups.

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3. Dr. Solar

Top 5 Underrated Superheroes Movies Ever

Dr. Solar is one the most underrated characters on comic history. He is a godlike being who can be compared with Dr. Manhattan and even the Silver surfer. He is a very op character created by Paul Newman for Gold key comics in 1962 and has since appeared in Valiant comics, Dark Horse comics and Dynamite comics. Dr. Solar is a genius physicist who was exposed to large amounts of radiation much like the Hulk during a failed experiment. The radiation however instead of killing him right away gave him the powers to manipulate and absorb all kinds of energy and matter. He has the power of manipulation of atomic and subatomic particles. He is kind of a god and so is invulnerable and immortal. Some of his other powers consists flight, teleportation, super-strength, dimensional manipulation, phasing, speed and many more. The licensing of Dr. Solar is with DreamWorks now maybe we will get a movie in the future? Who knows?

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2. Spectre

Top 5 Underrated Superheroes Movies Ever

Spectre is another one of the most powerful yet underrated DC character. He is a comic entity who is the literal embodiment of god's vengeance on earth, pretty much like Marvel's ghost rider. The mantle of spectre has been carried by several different characters as he is an former angel and angels much like demons can posses. He chooses a mortal person as host and carry out god's vengeance. I have no idea how he is so underappreciated and doesn't get the love he deserves. Probably most of you know about him because of his god like powers and his involvements in the dc major story arcs and events and the founder of justice society but he could easily get into the big screen if the right people are involved. He has a list of godly powers that goes on and on and on like reality warping, cosmic level energy, immortality, space-time manipulation and near omnipotence.

1. MoonKnight

Top 5 Underrated Superheroes Movies Ever

And finally at number 1, people still write him off as Marvel's Batman ripoff but he is really a very different character. He is a supernatural anti-hero and not just a copy of the dark knight. He is a former Marine named Marc Spector who was killed while working as a mercenary in Egypt. He was then resurrected by the Egyptian moon god of khonshu under a pact that Spector would be his knight of vengeance. Khonshu granted him superhuman strength that could lift upto 2 tonnes and extreme agility and endurance that increases depending on the lunar cycle.

So there you have it the top 5 Underrated superheroes! Comment down below which ones your favourite and you could expect a part 2 of the same.

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