Top 7 Most Common Teen Style Mistakes

Let's start with "7 Most Common Teen Style Mistakes" the very basic thing that I can say, as a teen we need I mean really need to experiment with ourselves, our fashion and style. But the most common and easily ignored things are what become the style mistakes and decrease our style game.  We all have been on this path and tried on different coloured different styles and what not but think two-three years from now, when you look back the Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook memories you'll be embarrassed to even look at them 'cause you sucked! Today however you don't have to worry a bit because we are going through the top 7 teen style mistakes that ruin your style game.

7. Styled by the parents

Top 7 Most Common Teen Style Mistakes

Now you'll be like "Hold up, what? You saying that I shouldn't listen to my parents? My parents!?" And my answer would be a polite yes because you and me both know that even if we love them a thousand folds they don't go to the colleges or schools and in turn don't have the idea about the latest fashion trend. And that is exactly why you shouldn't listen to them while styling yourself up, the ideas and opinions they would give will be based on their time. How they dressed up while they were growing or how they walked into a cafe with a girl, times are not the same so when it comes to style and fashion keep a distance from their opinion just style yourself up and get a feedback from them as well as your best friends to get a clarity on what to do and what not to do. You can also type in men's fashion on Pinterest or Instagram to see what the latest trend and how to style up and increase your fashion game.

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6. Wearing socks
Top 7 Most Common Teen Style Mistakes

Starting off at number 7 is how to wear socks. I know you are thinking how can someone mess up wearing socks? The simple reply would be that there are people around do commonly do this mistake. Say you're going to a prom or a date or into a restaurant and you're wearing a dirty and sloppy socks, you sit down and your pants come up a little how would you feel when people notice that? And trust me people will notice that. So instead of getting embarrassed use a long socks or if you're wearing any sneakers then wear the no-show socks. If you don't know what no-show socks are then they are the ones that stay below the ankle and are hidden inside the sneakers. So it gives your a respiratory space and feels comfortable especially during summers.

5.  Wrinkled Clothes

Top 7 Most Common Teen Style Mistakes

Let's all of us relate to this mistake you are going out with your girl or for a meeting and the moment you walk out/in with the wrinkled clothes on you immediately lost your coolness. It looks dirty and messy. Even if you are wearing a clean one they don't give off the same appeal. All you have to do is steam or iron it. You can dry it with a wet towel or spray some water on it and voila it's not wrinkly anymore and you'll look sexy as ever.

4. The Same old story

Most of you are going to start a new year in the schools and colleges and you have a golden opportunity to remake yourself, re-establish yourself as the cool kid. So don't walk into the school with the way you left the last year. Change things up a little, spice it up a bit. Changing your hairstyle is the best way to go. Let your hair grow over the summer and try a different barber or stylist and give a fresh trim. You can wear a leather jacket or a bomber jacket to stand out of the crowd. Instead of the same old shoes give it a twist. Nobody wants to look the same as last year. Use the time to experiment and explore with yourself. Show up to the school in such a way that people go "Damn what happened? He's completely different".

3. Using Cologne

Top 7 Most Common Teen Style Mistakes

I cannot stress this anymore. You have to buy one of these because first reason ladies have a strong nose and they get attracted towards the ones that smell good and the second reason it makes you feel more confident and comfortable around people. When you're wearing a Cologne you don't have to worry oh my god am I smelling or does he/she doesn't want me around? Etc. Just one tip don't overdo it. Don't go bathing in the cologne. Trust me when I say you'll not regret this, try it as soon as you can.

2. Buying fakes

Top 7 Most Common Teen Style Mistakes

Simply put? DONT! Don't buy the fake stuff to impress your friends, fake sneakers, fake jackets. It's not just logos that are important. Yeah they may look good from a distance but when people come closer they are going to notice. Even if they are completely identical they will notice. You might have seen kids post with their fake Rolex or Yeezy and people in the comments are like that's a fake, it's not the same shape or size or whatever. And they don't feel the same. Buy genuine products and feel the richness, it's not the logo that feels great. When you buy something with your hard work and it's genuine you feel more comfortable. When you look down you get a inner voice saying 'I did it!' or 'I made it!’ The sense of accomplishment and responsibility will boost you and your confidence up.

1. Wearing Sneakers all the flipping time!

Top 7 Most Common Teen Style Mistakes

The most common mistake among the teenagers is that they go around wearing the same type of sneakers everywhere. You don't want to feel embarrassed do you? Even if you want to the people that you're going with don't want to be embarrassed because of you. When you're going somewhere formal rock a pair of Chelsea boots or formals. Plus every single guy is going to wear the same sneakers. You would want to stand out, right? Then spice it up a bit, wear a leather sneaker or leather boot. And you'll see the magic when you stand out and get the flood of compliments.

So there you have it the top 7 style mistakes that teens make. Hope you liked it and Subscribe to our page and comment down below what do you want to see more about?

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