How To Choose Your Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

How To Choose Your Hairstyle For Your Face Shape. For men the most important question and treasure is their hair. So basically if you're here it means that sometime in your life you've asked the question to yourself "What type of hairstyle will be the best on me?". And to answer this question we are here to help. There are lots of website to claim the best style and maybe they are but some leave out the some really important parts. So grab a mirror and get ready to find out what type of hairstyle suits you the best!

The Shape of Face:

The most important thing while searching for an hairstyle is knowing your face shape. One of the key things that you were doing wrong is that you didn't consider your face shape while getting a haircut and as a result the stylist did whatever he wanted. There are different hairstyles for different face shapes. There are essentially five types of face shape. They are Round, Oval, Oblong, Square, Diamond, Triangle. Diamond can be considered as one.

How to determine the face shape:

There are two ways to measure your face shape.

- Take a tape and start measuring. You would have to measure the width of your jawline, your forehead and also the length from one cheekbone to the other. Take an average of all the three and then start measuring longitudinally that means you have to measure the length from where your hairline starts to the chin.

- When the length is equal to the average width measurement, then your face shape is ROUND.

- When the length is around 1.5 times the average width measurement, then your face shape is OVAL.

- when the length is more than 1.5 times the graduates measurement, then your face shape is OBLONG.

- When the length is equal to the average width measurement but that the jaw is the widest part of the face, then your face is SQUARE.

- Similarly when the cheeks are the widest part of the face, then your face shape is DIAMOND.

- And at last if you have a jaw which is wider than your forehead significantly and you have a pointy chin, then your face shape is TRIANGLE.

The fitting hairstyles:

Hairstyle for the Round face:

Starting off with the awesome men having a round face. If you are certain that you're face is a round shape then you should go for shorter sides and longer top. You should choose a hairstyle that has sharp edges and lot's of volume. This will create an illusion that your face is longer than it is. A sidepart would also help on creating the same effect. What you should avoid is hairstyles with full fringes or buzzcuts. This will make your face look round.

Hairstyle for the Oval face:

If you have an oval face then you're by default an alpha. You can pull off any hairstyle you want. However if hairstyles with long fringes are adopted then that will make your face look round so instead push it back for a more sharper and more masculine look. Choose a hairstyle which will enhance the facial feature that you want to show off.

Hairstyles for the Oblong face:

The oblong face is also a special occurrence. You can pull off any hairstyle you want just like the oval face but except the hairstyles for round face. This is because those hairstyles will make your face long too much long. So go for hairstyles that have longer sides and layers on top. You can also wear your hair down to give it a different look. It will make your face a little rounder and shorter which will significantly change your appearance.

Hairstyles for the Square Face:

People with oval and oblong faces may be lucky but hairstylist consider the square face the ideal one amongst all. It is because the square face adapts to any hairstyle even the sharp ones and the angular ones. You can have any type of haircut including the undercuts and fades. They will look great on this type of face shape. Even the buzzcuts will enhance your appearance by a margin.

Hairstyles for the Diamond and Triangle Face:

Last but certainly not the least, people with a diamond or a triangle face. Essentially both are the same so they follow up the same hairstyle. You can try the modern fades and undercut look. A side part would also look awesome on the face shape. But on a wider scale you should go for shorter sides and longer top hair. However don't go too short on the sides, keep it to medium.

To get a better sense of hairstyle everyone should consider their hair texture and type. It is because even if you can achieve a certain hairstyle using products and procedures or using blow-dryers and straighteners, some hairstyle work with certain hair texture and types and some don't. So choose a style that suits your texture and type.

To help you out here are some examples.

Curly hair: This type of hair type looks great with modern fades. You can also try edgy and angular undercuts.

Straight and coarse hair: This hair texture avoid doing any styles rather follow the natural pattern. Because this hair texture doesn't adapt well to hairstyles.

Wavy thick hair: The hair type is great for all the hairstyles. However try to avoid slick backs. It may be a little difficult to pull off but if you do then it looks awesome.

Straight and thin hair: This hairstyle is made for classic hairstyles. The common one being the slick back. It looks really cool when done the right way with a little side part.

Well there you go one of the most important parts of men's life in a nutshell. Hope this helps you and was a informative. Moreover keep in mind that it doesn't matter which hairstyle you pick, if you don't like it or have confidence while rocking it then there's not a single hairstyle that will look good on you. Also try experimenting on different hairstyles. So comment down below if we left something out and remember you're awesome!

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