Top 7 Tennessee Urban Legends That Will Terrify You

Here we are back again with another urban legend " 7 Tennessee Urban Legends" and true stories about tennessee this time Tennessee it's your turn. Tennessee is a landlocked state of the United States of America. It's capital Nashville is centrally located in the state and is the heart of country music scene. It homes some of the beautiful scenery and places to visit such as the Cades Coves, Ruby falls, a 145ft underground waterfall, Elvis Presley's Graceland, a long time running Grand Ole Opry and many more.

But with so much scenery comes the legends that are scary and disturbing. Tennessee is not that different from the rest of the world when it comes to urban legends. So today we are counting down the top 7 Tennessee urban legends. Grab your popcorn and get ready to be spooked.

7. The Body Farm

Starting right of the spooky ones is the body farm. A forensic research Center being called a farm is pretty much a mismatch in the naming system. Just behind the University of Tennessee, a little outside Knoxville is a plot of land surrounded by a razor wire fence. This is the land where forensic scientist learn about the decomposition of organic matter and when I say organic matter I mean human dead bodies.

The dead bodies are studied in various conditions to study how they are decomposing. Some of the dead bodies are left naked, some clothed, some of the bodies are drowned underwater and some inside cars and hot rooms. It goes on to help future forensic scientist understand a crime scenes more effectively. I get that it's for a good cause but oh my isn't that ghoulish.

6. The Headless Signalman

Chapel Hill is a place full of mystery especially around the railroad tracks area is home to some really weird, unexplained and creepy lights. One of the legends says that there is a headless Signalman wandering up and down the tracks. Another version says that one day a man was going down the tracks holding a lantern and for some reason he couldn't hear the train's scream or whistle that was coming behind him. The train driver tried to stop but it was too late. The man was mown down and the lantern was never found but is reported to be seen as he watches each train go by. Whatever the case may be the lights are a frequent case in this area.

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5. Old Green Eyes

A floating set of eyes? Maybe that's better than headless ghosts wandering all around. Tennessee was an area of tension during the civil war. One particular bloody battle in the state was fought in the Chickamauga battlefield. A confederate soldier lost his life in this battlefield and later only his head was found the rest of the body? Poof! Not even a fingernail was found.

The battlefield is turned into a national park and you are wandering around in that area and catch a set of green eyes peeping at you, then it turns out you might be crazy but run! The soldier might take your body for this green set of eyes.

4. Skinned Tom

We have heard a lot of love stories, say Titanic, the Notebook and many more but I bet you haven't heard such a ghoulish one.Young Tom learned how savage love can be and he learned that the hard way when he's skin was being skinned off. Back in the 1920s Tom fell in love with a woman and proposed her and she said yes. He took her on a date to the Lover's Lane in the Tennesse countryside where the pair kissed and more.

But unbeknownst to him she was actually married, the husband of the woman tracked both of them. When he saw them lip locked he killed his wife in a fit of rage. He then dragged young Tom out of the car and skinned him alive right there on the road. Now the legend has it that Tom is still found on the Lover's Lane only being a bloodied and raw ghost with a knife in his hand that punishes those who play the game of adultery.

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3. The Witch of Concord Cemetery

Concord Cemetery is one of the oldest known cemetery in the coffee county and is known for a number of haunting and ghost sightings. Leave a couple of dollars on the grave of Sadie Baker and you may appease the witch.

Legend has it that in the 19th century, Sadie Baker was burned alive at the stake by her own community for witchcraft. Locals leave coins to keep away from the ill wishes of the ghost and apologize for what was done to her. It's said that if you don't leave a coin then she will haunt your grave and if you're low on the coins then don't go wandering around a freaking cemetery.

2. Pine Haven Haunting

Pine Haven school, it's an functioning elementary school in Jamestown,Tennesse. It has an eerie tale attached to it and a spooky, sad ghost as well. The legend goes on to tell about a boy who was bullied by a group of boys so much so that he dreaded going to school. One day the boy was in the bathroom where he was confronted by the bullies. They smashed his head on to one of the mirrors and while doing so one of the broken mirror pieces slashed the young boy's throat,killing him.

The bullies with no intention to murder him buried him in the school's floorboards where he was eventually found. The boy is said to be haunting the place still to date and if you're in the building then avoid looking at the mirror for too long because you might catch a sad looking ghost stating back at you.

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1. The Bell Witch

This one is the final and most famous urban legend of Tennessee. The story follows, in 1817 a cruel presence started haunting John Bell and family at their home in Robertson county. They lived on that property for 13 peaceful years but that all changed. They saw weird animals, heard guttural gurgles, knocking, heard chains being dragged and more. This went on for a year then John Bell told his neighbors about it and a council was setup to investigate what was happening.

It is said that the witch started communicating with the crowd. Their energy seemed to feed her and spur her on. And of course people said that they talked to the witch. They said she knew details of the past and future and when asked what she watched with the Bells she replied that she wanted to kill John Bell and to make sure that his daughter never marries his neighbor. John Bell died after a long illness in the year 1820 and the daughter's marriage was eventually called off.

In 1821 she declared her work down but said she would return after 7 years and she did. She met with John's son and said there was a reason his father had to die but never disclosed her motive. She vanished once again saying she would return after 107 years which would have been 1935. It is undocumented whether she did or did not come back but people still talk about the legend today and say she never left the area in the first place due to the weird and bizarre events going on around the town and near the Bell Witch Cave.

Well, well there you have it the top 7 Tennessee Urban legends. Are you guys from Tennessee? Did I miss something important, let me know in the comments section down below! Also comment down where you live and whether you would like an urban legend of that place.

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